Paco Martorell

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Ph.D. in economics, UC Berkeley; B.A. in economics and mathematics, Carleton College


Francisco Martorell is an economist at RAND specializing in labor economics and the economics of education. His current projects include a study on the signaling value of high school diplomas, the costs of dementia, the effect of the Texas Top 10 Percent Plan, an analysis of community college taxing districts, the effect of principals on school performance, and the effect of military service on the labor market outcomes of disadvantaged youth. Martorell received his Ph.D. in economics from U.C. Berkeley.

Recent Projects

  • The Signaling Value of a High School Diploma
  • Principals and School Performance
  • The Effects of Military Service Among Disadvantaged Youth
  • Community College Taxing Districts
  • The Costs of Dementia

Selected Publications

Martorell, Paco and Isaac McFarlin, "Help or Hindrance? The Effects of College Remediation on Academic and Labor Market Outcomes," The Review of Economics and Statistics, 93(2):436-454, 2011

Mattke, Soeren, Paco Martorell, Seo Yeon Hong, Priya Sharma, Alison Cuellar, Nicole Lurie, "Anti-inflammatory Medication Adherence and Cost and Utilization of Asthma Care in a Commercially Insured Population," The Journal of Asthma, 47(3):323-9, 2010

Marsh, Julie, Martorell, Paco, and McCombs, Jennifer Sloan, "How Instructional Coaches Support Data-Driven Decision Making," Educational Policy, 20(10):1-37, 2010