Ellen Nolte

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Director, Health and Healthcare, RAND Europe
Cambridge Office


Ph.D., University of London; M.P.H., University of Bielefeld, Germany

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Ellen Nolte directs the Health and Healthcare research team at RAND Europe. In 1998, she was awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship, funded by the European Commission, to undertake her Ph.D. at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, where she worked as senior lecturer in the Health Services Research Unit and held a prestigious National Institute for Health Research Career Scientist Award. Her main research is the field of health systems, including approaches to health system performance assessment, health system responses to chronic disease, international health system comparisons, and trends and determinants of population health in Europe and elsewhere. Nolte has published widely on health system performance assessment, European health policy, and the health implications of political and socioeconomic transition in central and eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Nolte qualified in biology and received her M.P.H. from Bielefeld University.

Recent Projects

  • An 'On-call' Facility for International Healthcare Comparisons
  • Reducing length of stay in hospitals
  • Assessment of the contribution of health systems to population health
  • Evaluation of the University College Hospital Macmillan Cancer Centre
  • Assessment of young people's exposure to alcohol marketing in audiovisual and online media

Selected Publications

Nolte E, McKee M, "In Amenable Mortality--Deaths Avoidable Through Health Care--Progress in the U.S. Lags That of Three European Countries," Health Affairs, 31:2114-22, 2012

Nolte E, Knai C, Hofmarcher M, Conklin A, Erler A, Elissen A, Flamm M, Fullerton B, Sönnichsen A, Vrijhoef HJM, "Overcoming fragmentation in healthcare: chronic care in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands," Health, Economics, Policy and Law, 7:125-46, 2012

Nolte E, McKee M, Caring for people with chronic conditions. A health system perspective, Open University Press/McGraw Hill Education, 2008

Nolte E, Ettelt S, Thomson S, Mays N, "Learning from other countries: an on-call facility for health care policy," Journal of Health Services Research & Policy, 13(Suppl 2):58-64, 2008

Nolte E, Knai C, McKee M, Managing chronic conditions - experience in eight countries, World Health Organization, on behalf of the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, 2008

Nolte E, Bain C, McKee M, "Chronic diseases as tracer conditions in international benchmarking of health systems: the example of diabetes," Diabetes Care, 29:1007-11, 2006

Nolte E, McKee M, Does health care save lives? Avoidable mortality revisited, The Nuffield Trust, 2004

Honors & Awards

  • Personal Career Scientist Award (2005-2009), NIHR / NCC-RCD
  • Marie Curie Fellowship (1998-2001), European Commission


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