Sunil Patil

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Senior Analyst
Cambridge Office


Ph.D. in civil engineering/transportation, Texas A&M University; M.Tech. in civil engineering/transportation, Indian Institute of Technology; B.E. in civil engineering, Mumbai University

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Sunil Patil is a senior analyst in the Cambridge office of RAND Europe. His areas of interest include application of advanced statistical and econometric methods in various public policy domains; design of survey experiments (stated preference surveys); and estimation, validation and implementation of large scale travel demand models. Sunil holds a Ph.D. from Texas A&M University.

Selected Publications

Geedipally, S., Turner, P., Patil, S., "An Analysis of Motorcycle Crashes in Texas Using a Multinomial Logit Model," Transportation Research Record, 2012 (forthcoming)

Patil, S., Geedipally, S., Lord, D., "Analysis of Crash Severities using Nested Logit Model- Accounting for Under-reporting," Accident Analysis & Prevention, 2012 (forthcoming)

Patil, S., S. Concas, M. W. Burris, P.C. Devarasetty, "Investigating Changes in Willingness-to-Pay for Managed Lane Systems: A Quasi-Panel Approach," Transportation Research Record (forthcoming)

Patil, S., Burris, M., Shaw, D., "Travel Using Managed Lanes: An Application of a Stated Choice Model for Houston, Texas," Transport Policy, 18(4):595-603, 2011

Patil, S., Burris, M., Shaw, D. and Concas, S., "Variation in the Value of Travel Time Savings and its Impact on the Benefits of Managed Lanes," Transportation Planning and Technology, 34(6):547 – 567, 2011

Daly, A.J. and Patil, S., "A Perennial Problem in Using Logit Models for Travel Demand Analysis," European Transport Conference, Glasgow, UK, 2010

Geedipally S. Patil S., and Lord, D., "Examining Methods for Estimating Crash Counts According to Their Collision Type," Transportation Research Record, 2165:12-20, 2010

Rohr, C., Fox, J., Daly, A., Patruni, B., Patil, S. And F. Tsang, "Modelling long-distance travel in the UK," European Transport Conference, Glasgow, UK, 2010


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