Amelia M. Haviland

Pittsburgh Office


Ph.D. in statistics and public policy, M.S. in statistics, Carnegie Mellon University; B.A. in mathematics, Hampshire College


Amelia Haviland, a statistician at the RAND Corporation and Carnegie Mellon University, is a lead author of four recent papers on the effects of consumer-directed health insurance on costs and use. Her research focuses on causal analysis with observational data and analysis of longitudinal and complex survey data applied to policy issues in health and criminology. Examples of her other current health policy work include assessing mechanisms for health disparities among Medicare beneficiaries and exploring connections between patient safety and recent reductions in medical malpractice claims. In criminology, Haviland recently served on a National Research Council panel assessing the literature on deterrence and the death penalty. She received her Ph.D. in statistics and public policy from Carnegie Mellon University.

Recent Projects

  • Effects of high-deductible health insurance on costs and use
  • Disparities in immunization rates for Hispanic seniors
  • Establish connections between medical malpractice claims and patient safety measures

Selected Publications

Elliott, Marc, Haviland, Amelia, Kanouse, David, Hambarsoomian, Katrin, et al, "Adjusting for Subgroup Differences in Extreme Response Tendency in Ratings of Health Care: Impact on Disparity Estimate," Health Services Research Journal, 44(2):542-561, 2009

Black, Dan, Haviland, Amelia M., Sanders, Seth, and Taylor, Lowell, "Gender Wage Disparities among the Highly Educated,," Journal of Human Resources, 43(2):630-665, 2008

Greenberg, Michael, Haviland, Amelia, Yu, Hao, Farley, Donna, "Safety Outcomes in the United States: Trends and Challenges in Measurement," Health Services Research, 44(2p2):739-755, 2008

Haviland, Amelia M., Nagin, Daniel, Rosenbaum, Paul, "Combining Propensity Score Matching and Group-Based Trajectory Analysis in an Observational Study," Psychological Methods, 12(3):247-267, 2007

Holubkov, Richard, Laskey, Warren K., Haviland, Amelia M., et al.,, "Consumer-Directed Health Care: Early Evidence About Effects On Cost And Quality," Health Affairs, 25:516-530, 2006

Honors & Awards

  • Thomas Lord Scholarship Award, 2009, RAND Institute for Civil Justice
  • Fellowship for Younger Scholars, 2002-2003, MacArthur Foundation
  • Wray Jackson Smith Scholarship, 2002, American Statistical Association