Measuring the Impacts of Revising the EU Tobacco Products Directive

27 September 2010 — The European Commission Health and Consumer Affairs Directorate-General (DG SANCO) is exploring the possibility of revising the Tobacco Products Directive (2001/37/EC). Five policy options under consideration include widening the scope of the current Directive to include additional nicotine and tobacco-containing products such as water-pipes and electronic cigarettes as well as changing labelling requirements (i.e. introducing compulsory pictorial warnings or plain packaging) and implementing changes to registration and reporting requirements.

DG SANCO commissioned RAND Europe to provide support in assessing the impacts of revising the Directive, focusing specifically on the key health, social and economic impacts that could be expected. This research uses a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods to assess the economic and health effects of future regulation, including rapid evidence reviews and econometric and health-economic modelling techniques.

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