Current Research Projects

  • Evaluating the development of the Q initiative from 2016-2020

    14 Sep 2018

    RAND Europe is conducting a four-year, independent evaluation of the second phase of the Q Initiative to help guide the learning of the Q project team and wider stakeholders as they continue their implementation of Q across the UK. The research will support strategic decision-making and inform the ongoing design and management of Q and also assess the initiative's impact.

  • Evaluating 'Aspire to STEM'

    14 Aug 2018

    Researchers are evaluating an intervention aimed at improving STEM teaching and learning in UK schools in disadvantaged areas. The project aims to understand what impact the intervention has on children’s learning and teacher retention.

  • Taking stock of local government cybersecurity in England

    14 Aug 2018

    RAND Europe is carrying out a stocktake of existing cybersecurity arrangements within all councils in England. The study will cover areas beyond IT security, such as leadership, governance, technology arrangements and training.

  • Evaluating NELI, the evidence-based Nuffield Early Language Intervention

    13 Aug 2018

    RAND Europe is conducting a randomised controlled trial into the effectiveness of NELI, a language support programme designed to improve children’s vocabulary, listening and narrative skills. The study aims to understand both the impact of the intervention and how effectively it is implemented.

  • Developing tools to assess research evidence for policymakers and practitioners

    10 Aug 2018

    Researchers are developing recommendations for the College of Policing and the Education Endowment Foundation on how to assess evidence from research studies and make evidence-informed recommendations for practitioners and policymakers.

  • Building evidence on defence-related skills

    16 Jul 2018

    RAND Europe and the Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini are building the evidence base on shortages, gaps and mismatches in defence-related skills. The research aims to deliver a sectoral skills strategy that is agreed and validated by stakeholders.

  • Exploring Funding Options for the NHS and Social Care in the UK

    11 Jul 2018

    Research on the public acceptability of different health and social care funding models examined other countries' funding schemes and found there is no single, commonly preferred solution to achieving sustainable revenues. The second stage of this research will assess the popularity of different funding approaches among the UK public.

  • Linking hate speech online and hate crime

    06 Jul 2018

    RAND and Cardiff University are analysing online hate speech data to see if it can be used to identify areas where offline hate crimes are most likely to occur. The research aims to inform strategies to prevent and address hate crimes.

  • BRACE-NIHR rapid service evaluation centre for healthcare in England

    06 Jun 2018

    The Birmingham, RAND and Cambridge Evaluation (BRACE) Centre is funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) to conduct rapid evaluations of promising new services and innovations in healthcare.

  • Tackling the challenges of algorithm-driven online media services

    21 May 2018

    Researchers from RAND Europe and Open Evidence are using state-of-the-art knowledge and data to understand the media literacy and online empowerment issues raised by algorithms in online media services and platforms.

  • Game-changing technologies in European services sectors

    19 Apr 2018

    New and potentially ‘game-changing’ technologies such as advanced robotics, autonomous transport devices, blockchain, virtual and augmented reality, and wearable devices, will inevitably impact the EU's services sectors. Researchers are exploring their applicability and wider socio-economic implications.

  • Using historical foresight to tackle antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

    16 Apr 2018

    Researchers are examining complex and enduring policy issues that have implications for public health (climate change and tobacco control) to gain a new perspective on how to tackle AMR. The team will look at how historical analysis can be used in future approaches to scenario planning and policymaking, with a particular focus on AMR policy.

  • Estimating the external impacts of development on previously developed land

    04 Apr 2018

    Previously developed land (PDL), also known as brownfield sites, could be useful for new housing in the UK. The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has asked RAND Europe to estimate the external benefits of developing on PDL.

  • Using foresight to examine the global food system

    28 Mar 2018

    The UK Food Standards Agency commissioned RAND Europe to conduct foresight exercises to gain a long-term perspective on the global food system.

  • Economic evaluation of the MCR Pathways PSP initiative

    16 Mar 2018

    Using data from ScotCen's evaluation of the MCR Pathways mentoring programme, RAND Europe is conducting a cost-benefit analysis to determine the economic value accruing from MCR participants' achievement of educational outcomes.

  • Measuring migration using big data

    13 Mar 2018

    Social media data may help the EU estimate migration flows and stocks of migrants. A team of researchers from five organisations will collaborate to develop a sustainable method of measurement and model of calculation of (labour) mobility and migration within the EU.

  • Comparing science and math teaching qualifications

    20 Feb 2018

    Researchers are investigating the qualifications and training required to teach science and mathematics at primary, lower secondary and upper secondary levels in England compared to the initial teacher education required in select other countries.

  • How to evaluate counterterrorism policies and interventions

    09 Feb 2018

    Researchers are developing an inventory of evaluations of policies and programmes pertaining to counterterrorism (CT) and preventing and countering violent extremism (PCVE). The study will analyse the evaluations to identify lessons and recommendations to help advance evaluation practice in the fields of CT and PCVE.

  • Landscaping cyber defence capabilities in Europe

    08 Feb 2018

    The European Defence Agency has commissioned a review of European cyber defence capabilities. This research will augment the EU Cyber Defence Policy Framework reporting with a comprehensive and full spectrum view of cyber defence capabilities.

  • Corruption in the UK

    24 Jan 2018

    The UK government published a new anti-corruption strategy published in December 2017. At the request of the Home Office, RAND Europe is reviewing existing research on corruption and highlighting evidence gaps within it to help inform future research and policy initiatives.

  • RAND Europe Working with THIS Institute

    22 Jan 2018

    The Healthcare Improvement Studies (THIS) Institute is a ten-year effort to create a world-leading scientific asset for the NHS by strengthening the evidence-base for improving the quality and safety of healthcare. RAND Europe is a key partner, investigating what works in improving healthcare, what doesn’t, and why.

  • The benefits and drawbacks of remote voting solutions

    15 Jan 2018

    RAND Europe and Open Evidence are examining the extent to which remote voting solutions—particularly internet voting—are employed in the European member states. The research aims to identify the costs, risks and challenges associated with remote voting.

  • Supporting the 'Britain's Healthiest Workplace' Competition

    30 Nov 2017

    For the last four years, RAND Europe has designed and run surveys, analysed results, and provided customised reports to organisations that participate in the annual Britain's Healthiest Workplace competition. The contest’s central aims are to raise awareness and gain a better understanding of how organisations can engage with the wellness of their employees.

  • Supporting the Asia's Healthiest Workplace Competition

    30 Nov 2017

    By supporting AIA Vitality's contest, RAND Europe is able to explore the health trends—employee lifestyle, clinical indicators, mental health and other areas of concern—in participating Asia-Pacific workplaces.

  • Innovation as a Driver of Quality and Productivity in UK Healthcare

    30 Oct 2017

    The UK's NHS is under pressure to meet the growing and changing demand for services with limited resources. Innovations may provide opportunities to respond creatively and effectively to growing health demands.