RAND Europe Research

Through objective analysis and research RAND Europe strives to provide effective solutions and informed choices to policy and decision-makers. Our international expertise complements the multidisciplinary nature of our research teams.

By establishing new angles of enquiry and, in some cases, new methodologies for research, RAND Europe brings fresh approaches and adds valuable contributions to traditional as well as new RAND research areas. Along with its Brussels-based work informing European policy, specific areas of policy research for RAND Europe include:

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    Defence and Security Research at RAND Europe

    Defence & Security researchers examine a broad range of topics for policy makers in Europe and beyond, from equipment acquisition and personnel policy to cyber security and counter violent extremism.

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    Programme Examines Drugs, Policing and Criminal Justice in Europe

    Crime, violence, substance misuse and illicit markets harm communities across Europe. RAND Europe helps decisionmakers at national and pan-European levels assess threats and identify and develop policies to improve safety, security and other outcomes.

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    Research Focuses on Education in Europe and Abroad

    RAND Europe's education research examines such topics as the importance of early childhood and primary and secondary education and the role of vocational and higher education institutions in preparing students for the future.

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    Employment, Social Inclusion, Population and Migration Research

    RAND Europe examines how workforce and skills develop to match demand for labour; how employment policies secure labour market participation; how social policies protect the most vulnerable and enable their societal contribution; and how population dynamics and migration interact to shape societies.

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    Programme Examines European and International Health and Healthcare Policies

    RAND Europe's health and healthcare portfolio brings together a multidisciplinary team with backgrounds in public health, health services research, clinical medicine, economics, psychology, and systems design, to inform objective policymaking in the UK, Europe, and globally.

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    International Development Programme Takes Interdisciplinary Approach

    The challenge of international development requires thinking beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries, and RAND Europe excels in providing interdisciplinary expertise and policy-oriented perspectives. We address complex problems with tailored methodologies and appropriate and innovative perspectives.

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    Science, Technology and Innovation Policies Drive Growth in Europe

    Science, technology and innovation can drive economic growth and lie at the heart of efforts to create better societies. RAND Europe works with public and private sector decisionmakers to help inform key decisions on science, technology and innovation policy in Europe and globally.

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    Transport Research Improves Policy Through Modelling, Foresight

    RAND Europe provides expertise in understanding travel behaviour, policy analysis, foresight and future analysis, and new technology assessment.

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    Research Helps to Promote Wellbeing in the Workplace

    Wellbeing at work benefits individuals, organisations and communities, with a positive impact on economic, social and health outcomes. RAND Europe’s expertise in this area helps to improve effective decision making by organisations and policymakers.