Factors Affecting the Wider Adoption of Electric Vehicles

Project Overview

electric car

To understand the factors affecting the wider adoption of electric vehicles, RAND Europe sponsored a project to review the barriers and relevant government interventions. The project team conducted a survey to determine the potential uptake of electric vehicles within a municipality, using Cambridge, UK, as a case study.

The project team researched a variety of initiatives currently underway in a pragmatic selection of countries — namely the UK, France, Denmark, and Canada — to analyse facilitators to the wider adoption of electric vehicles (EVs).

Preliminary Findings

Their initial research suggests that subsidising EV purchase would target a major consumer barrier to wider EV uptake. However, it means spending hundreds of millions of pounds of government funds. Dependence on government support involves some uncertainties, especially in the current economic climate.

Other facilitators would require public-private collaboration, such as the development of recharging infrastructure, which is essential for EVs' transition beyond the niche market. Additionally, better information and more outreach programmes are needed to help consumers understand and take full advantage of existing EV technology.