Review of the World Bank's Strategic Impact Evaluation Fund

World Bank nutrition program in Djibouti

Photo courtesy World Bank


The Strategic Impact Evaluation Fund (SIEF) was created with funding from the Department for International Development (DfID) to support impact evaluations focusing on human development outcomes, building capacity on impact evaluations, and synthesising and disseminating the findings of impact evaluations along with wider evidence in its thematic subject areas.

SIEF's objective is to “strengthen the effectiveness of DfID’s and others’ global aid policies, programmes and partnerships.” In the long run, SIEF is expected to contribute towards an improved delivery of DfID’s and World Bank’s programmes with human development outcomes and to improved human development outcomes for poor populations.


DfID commissioned RAND Europe to conduct a Mid Term Review (MTR) of SIEF. The MTR drew on a number of methods to collect a wide range of data to inform the review. RAND Europe conducted a survey of applicants to SIEF funding, reviewed all available documentation, conducted interviews with stakeholders, including in DfID and SIEF, and organised an online focus group among DfID staff. On the basis of the data collected, RAND Europe drafted recommendations to support the future development of SIEF and to help ensure that SIEF can continue to generate an impact in the future. Drawing on expertise in evaluations as well as in impact assessment, RAND Europe aimed to contribute to the goals of SIEF.


The MTR was well received by the client and the findings have already been used to draft recommendations which will inform changes over the next year.


Project Team

With a presence both in Cambridge, UK, and Washington D.C., RAND was uniquely placed to support DfID and SIEF through the MTR. The team was led by Tom Ling, with management support from Joachim Krapels and Jirka Taylor. Senior advice was provided by Peter Glick and Alex Sutherland.

Full team

Joachim Krapels
Tom Ling
Jirka Taylor
Marco Hafner
Ben Baruch
Marie-Louise Henham