Analysis of the Norwegian health research and innovation system

Person using digital medical interface with a pen 3D rendering, photo by sdecoret/Adobe Stock

Photo by sdecoret/Adobe Stock


DAMVAD Analytics has asked RAND Europe to develop two international case studies to support a study commissioned by the Research Council of Norway and the Helse Omsorg 21 (Healthcare 21) Advisory Board. This wider study aims to analyse the Norwegian health and research innovation system, identifying problems and proposing improvements in order to develop a more coherent and connected research and innovation system.


This study aims to provide case study examples of international health research and innovation initiatives and their key messages, to help support DAMVAD Analytics’ recommendations for the Norwegian health research and innovation system.


The study will consider two case studies. One case study will be on initiatives and programmes in England with the aim of covering a variety of schemes across the health innovation pathway, from research to translation into practice, through to the introduction and spread of innovations. The second case study will focus on Canada’s Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research.