Case studies on interventions at scale in the area of early childhood education

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What is the issue?

The Bernard van Leer Foundation is an independent foundation working globally to inform and inspire large-scale action to support the health and well-being of babies, toddlers and the people who care for them. In 2019, they commissioned RAND Europe to deliver a set of case studies to document learning about implementing early childhood development programmes at scale.

How are we helping?

In producing these case studies, RAND Europe aims to ensure that lessons on ‘what works’ in operating at scale are systematically captured, assessed and available for other governments, practitioners and foundations to use. In particular, the project seeks to understand the critical conditions for achieving sustainable impact at scale in early childhood education.

Each case study involves a careful review of documentation and interviews with a range of stakeholders, to hear directly about their experiences and reflections.

What have we learned?

Case study on efforts to support the extension of birth leave in the Netherlands

A partnership between the Bernard van Leer Foundation, Rutgers and WOMEN Inc. supported the introduction of an important legislative change in 2018 which extended the leave entitlement for partners of mothers in the Netherlands. In analysing the efforts and impact of this alliance, this case study offers valuable lessons for others aiming to inform policy change, or more specifically, improvements around engaged fatherhood and parental leave arrangements.

Read the case study

Case study on the Coalition for Education from Birth in Israel

This case study looks at the work of the Coalition for Education from Birth in Israel and its activities to bring about a change, amongst other outcomes, in childcare regulation and provision in Israel. In particular, it captures learning on working for policy change through an advocacy coalition.

Read the case study (English and Hebrew versions)

Forthcoming case studies

Researchers are also conducting case studies in Brazil and Peru. These will be published soon.