What factors facilitate witness reporting of intimate partner violence?

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The elimination of gender-based violence is a key objective of the European Union, with the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) mandated to help the EU institutions and member states achieve this goal through the provision of technical assistance.


EIGE has commissioned RAND Europe and Oxford Research to examine the factors which encourage witnesses of intimate partner violence to report to the police or other relevant authorities. The study will assess the types of witnesses that are most likely to report intimate partner violence, as well as the types of environment that are most likely to facilitate reporting.

The study will collect information on the most effective approaches to encourage witness reporting in EU member states. This information will be used to help decision-makers improve the level of response to intimate partner violence. The study will also lay out recommendations for how member states can engage witnesses in the long-term in order to tackle low reporting rates of violence against women.


The project will involve a review of documentation at the EU and member state level. In-depth research will be conducted in four member states. This will involve interviews with witnesses who have reported intimate partner violence, interviews with professionals who work with witnesses, and focus groups with the general public.