RAND Europe Spotlight: 2020-2021

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Spotlight 2020-2021

Last year brought what often felt like an avalanche of challenges. The global COVID-19 pandemic caused devastating personal, social, and economic consequences; extreme weather events underscored the impact of climate change; acts of racial injustice laid bare tensions and inequalities; and political turbulence highlighted a growing polarisation and erosion of trust in civic institutions. Yet, to move forward and restore resilience, sustainability, and justice to our communities, we must put lessons learned into practice. Evidence and objective analysis are needed to find lasting, effective solutions to these wicked problems.

At RAND Europe, we want our research to be integral to forming workable solutions. This year’s Spotlight highlights selected projects that responded to challenges arising from COVID-19, including a macroeconomic model to analyse ‘vaccine nationalism’ impacts; rapid research on providing high-quality healthcare under COVID-19 constraints; and finding ways to tackle domestic violence, which increased during lockdowns.

We also responded to other policy challenges beyond the pandemic. This issue of Spotlight features, for example a machine-learning model to fight online disinformation; a framework to assess climate change challenges systematically; and an analysis of emerging cybercrime threats.

Our goal is to provide high-quality research and analysis that can improve people’s lives. In 2021, we have ambitious plans to broaden RAND Europe’s impact by exploring how philanthropic gifts could allow us to examine new and cross-cutting areas of policy importance. We are excited by the opportunities this will create to build on our existing issue-based work and deliver deeper insights for our stakeholders and wider society.

— Hans Pung

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