Evaluation design for multiple long-term health conditions programme

A view of markets in Brixton as the spread of COVID-19 continues, London, March 31, 2020, photo by Henry Nicholls/Reuters

General view of markets in Brixton, March 31, 2020

Henry Nicholls/REUTERS

What is the issue?

Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity is running a programme to explore how best to change the circumstances in which people at risk of developing long-term health conditions live, to help them reduce or better manage the burdens they face and so, to live better and longer lives.

Circumstances such as being in debt, poor relationships with landlords and difficulties in the workplace, all accumulate to create added and unnecessary burdens on those also most at risk of developing long-term health conditions. The programme, which is focused on the London boroughs of Southwark and Lambeth, is designed to find out what can be done about this issue.

How are we helping?

RAND Europe is serving as an evaluation partner for the charity’s multiple long-term conditions programme. The evaluation will help capture and communicate the lessons learned and could contribute to a better understanding of how to:

  1. Build more inclusive and healthier places
  2. Combat inequalities through employing diverse approaches in complex systems of inequality
  3. Inform future policy and practice around points 1 and 2

Researchers will develop the evaluation framework to allow for hypothesis testing and greater standardisation of evaluation for projects within the overall programme. The team will also create data collection tools to generate insights across multiple projects within the programme.