RAND Europe working with The Healthcare Improvement Studies (THIS) Institute

Illustration of medical team and equipment

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What is THIS Institute?

The Healthcare Improvement Studies (THIS) Institute aims to create a world-leading scientific asset for the NHS by strengthening the evidence-base for improving the quality and safety of healthcare.

Co-created by the University of Cambridge and the Health Foundation, THIS Institute is founded on the guiding principle that efforts to improve care should be based on the best quality evidence.

The institute is boosting research activity to provide more clarity on what works in improving healthcare, what doesn’t, and why. THIS Institute will combine academic rigour with the real concerns of patients and staff. Therefore, the institute has made a commitment to work in partnership with NHS patients and staff and other collaborators throughout the UK.

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RAND Europe’s Role

RAND Europe is a key partner of THIS Institute. Our main role is supporting the high quality research of THIS Institute throughout the period 2018–2028. RAND Europe researchers work with THIS Institute on numerous research projects focused on how to improve healthcare in the NHS.

RAND Europe’s THIS Institute Projects