Susan Guthrie

Susan Guthrie

Research Group Director, Science and Emerging Technology, RAND Europe

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Susan Guthrie is director of Science and Emerging Technology at RAND Europe. Her primary research interests are in the area of science and innovation policy, with a particular interest in research culture, strategy, and evaluation.

Guthrie has led work analysing the research system in the UK and internationally and is currently leading the evaluation of the Productivity Insitute Programme and the process evaluation of the Strength in Places Fund and co-leading the evaluation of the Global Challenges Research Fund.

She has significant experience analysing diverse aspects of research and innovation systems. Her research looking at proposal evaluation processes includes a comprehensive review of Horizon 2020 peer review processes for the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission, and an analysis of peer review at Wellcome. Work analysing the Research Excellence Framework (REF) includes the real-time review of the REF 2021 and the analysis and enhancement of the REF 2021 case study database. Research assessing the structure and characteristics of research systems includes work looking at the economies of scope and scale in research and a study exploring and conceptualising the time lags in research translation.

Her experience of methods includes large scale surveys of researchers internationally, leading workshops, and conducting interviews and focus groups; expertise in literature review approaches and rapid evidence assessments; and bibliometric analysis, including producing bibliometric data to support National Institute for Health Research’s Senior Investigators competition.

Guthrie has a Ph.D. in physics and an M.Sci. (Hons) in natural sciences from the University of Cambridge.


Ph.D. in physics, University of Cambridge; M.Sci. in natural sciences, University of Cambridge

Selected Work

  • Guthrie, S., Krapels, J., Garrod, B., Cochrane, G., Alberti, P., Adams, A., Bonham, A. and Wooding S., "Assessing and Communicating the Value of Biomedical Research: Results from a Pilot," Academic Medicine, 2017 (forthcoming)
  • Hernandez-Villafuerte, K., Sussex, J., Robin, E., Guthrie, S., Pollitt, A., Wooding S, "Economies of Scale and Scope in Publicly Funded Biomedical and Health Research: Evidence from the Literature," Health and Research Policy Systems, 15(3), 2017
  • Pollitt, A., Potoglou, D., Patil, S., Burge, P., Guthrie, S., King, S., Wooding, S., Grant, J, "Understanding the relative valuation of research impact: a best–worst scaling experiment of the general public and biomedical and health researchers," BMJ Open, 6, 2016
  • Hanney, S. R., Castle-Clarke, S., Grant, J., Guthrie, S., Henshall, C., Mestre-Ferrandiz, J., Pistollato, M., Pollitt, A., Sussex, J., & Wooding, S, "How long does biomedical research take? Studying the time taken between biomedical and health research and its translation into products, policy, and practice," Health Research Policy and Systems, 13(1), 2015
  • Guthrie S, Bienkowska-Gibbs T, Manville C, Pollitt A, Kirtley A, Wooding S., "The impact of the National Institute for Health Research Health Technology Assessment programme, 2003-13: a multimethod evaluation," Health Technology Assessment, 19(67), 2015
  • Glover, M., Buxton, M., Guthrie, S., Hanney, S., Pollitt, A., & Grant, J., "Estimating the returns to UK publicly funded cancer-related research in terms of the net value of improved health outcomes," BMC Medicine, 12(1), 2014
  • Guthrie, Susan, Anne Kirtley, Bryn Garrod, Alexandra Pollitt, Jonathan Grant, and Steven Wooding, A 'DECISIVE' approach to research funding: Lessons from three Retrosight studies, RAND Corporation (RR-1132-DH), 2016
  • Manville, Catriona, Susan Guthrie, Marie-Louise Henham, Bryn Garrod, Sonia Sousa, Anne Kirtley, Sophie Castle-Clarke, and Tom Ling, Assessing impact submissions for REF2014: An evaluation, RAND Corporation (RR-1032-HEFCE), 2015

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