RAND Europe Festival of Ideas Event Explains Why 'You Are What You Sleep'

18 October 2017

Insufficient sleep affects all stages of a person's life, from their development as a child and teenager, to their ability to function as an adult at home and work. The effects of insufficient sleep are not just limited to individual health and performance; it also impacts the bottom line of businesses and the wider economy.

RAND Europe sponsored and participated in an event looking at what can be done to tackle the growing problem of sleep deprivation in society. The talk, ‘You are what you sleep’, explained why the science and economics show that sleep really matters. This talk was part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas.

The talk took place at St John's College Old Divinity School in Cambridge on Tuesday 17th October.

Panel members included experts from academia, policymaking and business:

  • Dr Dagmara Dimitriou, Director of the LILAS Lab: Lifespan Learning & Sleep Lab at University College London. Dagmara is interested in sleep disorders and how these relate to learning and behaviour in children with developmental disorders, such as Autism, Williams Syndrome, Down syndrome and ADHD.
  • Dr Wendy M. Troxel, Senior Behavioural and Social Scientist at the RAND Corporation. Wendy's research focuses on understanding the links between close relationships and sleep, and how this relationship may influence couples' health and functioning.
  • Marcus de Guingand, Managing Director of Third Pillar of Health. Marcus helps organisations to support their staff in overcoming the debilitating health, safety and productivity effects of tiredness, sleep deprivation and fatigue.
  • Marco Hafner is a Senior Economist at RAND Europe. Marco led the RAND Europe research – Why Sleep Matters – which estimated the economic impact of insufficient sleep among the workforces of five countries – the US, UK, Canada, Germany and Japan.