Funding awarded for research on Service children and the social care system

Military mother greeting her child in the living room, photo by South_agency/Getty Images

24 February 2023

Forces in Mind Trust has awarded £150,000 to RAND Europe for a research project on the needs of Service families in the children’s social care system.

The two-year study will seek to identify the extent to which children's social care services in the UK are adequately supporting the needs of Service children in England and Wales.

The unique nature of Service life may have an impact on the needs of Service children within the social care system. However, there is currently no evidence base on how many Service children there are in the social care system and how their particular needs are being addressed. RAND Europe, in collaboration with Dr. Michael Sanders, will seek to understand any disparities in access to children's social care services between Armed Forces and civilian families. The research team will also explore the unique dynamics of social care provision for children attending schools on-base and off-base.

For more information on the announcement, visit the Forces in Mind Trust's News Release.

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