Supporting South Africa's 'Healthy Company Index' Competition

Discovery's Healthy Company Index


RAND Europe provided research and analytical support to the 2014 Healthy Company Index competition in South Africa, which aims to identify South Africa’s Healthiest Company. CNBC Africa interviewed Chris van Stolk about the results.


There is increasing acceptance and evidence that health and well-being at work can have profound impacts on individuals, organisations and societies. Discovery, a leading healthcare insurer in South Africa, is concerned to increase awareness of this, given their position as one of the main providers of evidence-based diagnostics of employee wellness in South Africa. A central component of this strategy is the 'Healthy Company Index' (HCI) which has been running for several years.

HCI is Discovery’s flagship competition in South Africa, and contributes to the range of studies that Discovery conducts to promote healthy lifestyles. In HCI awards are given to companies in different size categories for the healthiest employees and work environment. The competition is run on the basis of company surveys.

Results of the 2014 competition are available at A PDF of the final report is also available for download.


Discovery commissioned RAND Europe, in partnership with the University of Cambridge, to provide research support to HCI for 2014. RAND Europe’s work included designing the surveys, analysing results, and providing customised reports to participating companies.

The 2014 survey included more than 10,000 employees from over 50 companies.

The central aims of HCI are to raise awareness and gain a better understanding of how companies can engage with the wellness of their employees. More specifically, HCI’s goals are:

  • To better understand how the workplace can be used to change employee lifestyle behaviour.
  • To grow the number of companies that engage with the wellness of their employees.
  • To assess the productivity impact of lifestyles and chronic diseases.

Research Team

Christian van Stolk
Martin Roland
Dmitry Khodyakov
Alexandra Pollitt
Marco Hafner
Barbara Janta
Joachim Krapels
Sunil Patil
Ben Baruch