Improving Patient Experience in Primary Care

Senior woman visiting a doctor



The improving patient experience in primary care (IMPROVE) programme was a collaboration between the University of Cambridge and the University of Exeter, with support from RAND Europe. Funded by NIHR, the programme explored issues such as patients' experiences of general practitioner consultations, how practice teams respond to patient feedback from surveys, how GPs respond to individual patient feedback, use of real time patient feedback in GP practices, and understanding patients’ experiences of out of hours care.


The collaboration aimed to answer a range of questions in relation to the varying nature of patient experience in primary care, which fall under three broad areas:

  • Understanding patient experience data
  • Exploring variations in patient experience
  • Using patient experience data for quality improvement and quality assurance


The collaboration used a variety of methods to collect data, including:

  • Video elicitation interviews with patients
  • Patient experience surveys
  • Interviews with GPs and hospital consultants
  • Focus groups with GP practice staff

Project Team

Jennifer Newbould
Martin Roland
Jenni Burt
John Campbell