Economic evaluation of the MCR Pathways PSP Initiative

Boys at the skateboard park in the West End of Glasgow

Boys at the skateboard park in the West End of Glasgow

SoopySue/Getty Images


MCR Pathways is a programme aiming to provide relationship-based mentoring to disadvantaged young people in Glasgow. Through a public social partnership (PSP) between the MCR Foundation, Glasgow City Council, Life Changes Trust, the Robertson Trust and STV Children's Appeal, the programme is expanding with the view to act as a model across Scotland and the UK.


On behalf of MCR Pathways PSP Initiative, the Robertson Fund has commissioned RAND Europe to conduct an economic assessment of the initiative. Alongside an evaluation of educational outcomes by ScotCen, the results will be used to inform decision making following the end of the PSP Initiative in March 2019.


Using data from the evaluation, the programme and censuses, RAND Europe will conduct a cost-benefit analysis to derive the economic value accruing from the achievement of educational outcomes among MCR participants.