Lead Stories FactChecker

Lead Stories FactChecker

Lead Stories FactChecker

Founded in 2016

Lead Stories is a web-based fact-checking platform that identifies false or misleading stories, rumors, and conspiracies by using its Trendolizer technology to identify trending content that is then fact-checked by their team of journalists. This fact-checking website is not affiliated with RAND; it is owned and operated by Lead Stories LLC, which you can read more about here: leadstories.com

Tool type
Fully operational
Intended users
General public
Tool focus
This tool is content-focused. It directly evaluates information, such as the authenticity of a photo.
Method or technology
Human implementation
Is the tool automated?
Founding organization
Lead Stories
Founder/primary contact
Maarten Schenk, Alan Duke

How is this tool working to address disinformation?

This tool aims to fight disinformation by identifying, exploring, and correcting false information.

Is there a connection with tech platforms?

Yes. LeadStories partners with Facebook: 9to5mac.com

Who is funding the tool?


Are there external evaluations?

None found

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