The Trust Project Indicators

The Trust Project Indicators

The Trust Project Indicators

Founded in 2016

The Trust Project is a collaborative initiative of several news companies that is developing standards to increase transparency in journalism. The project developed the following "Trust Indicators" as a start: Best Practices, Author/ Reporter Expertise, Type of Work, Citations and References, Methods, Locally Sourced, Diverse Voices, Actionable Feedback. News Organizations will display the indicators on their own articles.

The Trust Project Indicators is not affiliated with RAND. It was selected for this database because it fits our researchers' inclusion criteria.

Tool type
Codes and standards
Fully operational
Intended users
Tool focus
This tool is both content- and process-focused. It directly evaluates information (e.g., authenticating a photo), but also assesses how information is produced and disseminated.
Method or technology
Human implementation
Is the tool automated?
Founding organization
The Trust Project
Founder/primary contact
Salley Lehrman

How is this tool working to address disinformation?

This tool hopes to fight disinformation by using indicators to amplify high-quality journalism and helping users avoid lower-quality sources that may contain misinformation or disinformation.

Is there a connection with tech platforms?

Yes. Google, Facebook, and Bing are tech partners. The Trust Project received financial support from Google.

Who is funding the tool?

Craig Newmark, Democracy Fund, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Markkula Foundation

Are there external evaluations?

None found

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