Truth Goggles

Truth Goggles

Truth Goggles

Founded in 2011

Truth Goggles 2.0 is a web-based tool aimed at presenting factual content to partisan audiences by asking users to read claims, then engage with PolitiFact analysis of those claims, then read the claims again. It is an initiative through the Duke Reporter's Lab. While this new version of the tool is still In development (since 2017), the original tool was an automated software that flagged suspicious claims in articles.

Truth Goggles is not affiliated with RAND. It was selected for this database because it fits our researchers' inclusion criteria.

Tool type
in re-development
Intended users
General public
Tool focus
This tool is content-focused. It directly evaluates information, such as the authenticity of a photo.
Method or technology
Online course or game
Is the tool automated?
Founding organization
Duke University
Founder/primary contact
Daniel Schultz

How is this tool working to address disinformation?

This tool aims to fight disinformation by exposing users to a more diverse set of news sources and perspectives on specific claims. This helps to provide a more accurate view of the evidence on a topic.

Is there a connection with tech platforms?

Yes (Facebook)

Who is funding the tool?

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Facebook Journalism Project, the Craig Newmark Foundation

Are there external evaluations?

Truth Gogggles was evaluated in a student dissertation:

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