TV News Fact Check

TV News Fact Check

TV News Fact Check

Founded in 1996

The TV News Archive is an initiative developing an archive of digital media, ranging from web pages, books and texts, audio recordings, videos, images, and software programs. One of its projects, the "Political TV Ad Archive" is an archive of 2016 political ads combined with fact-checking from a variety of sources (e.g., Politifact,

TV News Fact Check is not affiliated with RAND. It was selected for this database because it fits our researchers' inclusion criteria.

Tool type
Fully operational
Intended users
General public
Tool focus
This tool is content-focused. It directly evaluates information, such as the authenticity of a photo.
Method or technology
Human implementation
Is the tool automated?
Founding organization
TV News Archive
Founder/primary contact
Brewster Kahle, Founder & Digital Librarian (Internet Archive)

How is this tool working to address disinformation?

This tool aims to combat disinformation by making more first-hand, accurate information available to the public in a "digital library" of web pages, books, audio recordings, videos, images, and software programs.

Is there a connection with tech platforms?

None found

Who is funding the tool?

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Council on Library and Information Resources, Democracy Fund, Federal Communications Commission Universal Service Program for Schools and Libraries, Institute of Museum and Library Services, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Arnold Ventures, National Endowment for the Humanities, Office of Digital Humanities, National Science Foundation, Peter and Carmen Lucia Buck Foundation, Philadelphia Foundation, Rita Allen Foundation

Are there external evaluations?

None found

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