Whitelist Manager

Whitelist Manager

Whitelist Manager

Founded in 2016

Whitelist Manager is a browser extension that allows users to identify sites to be whitelisted, and prevents any request to sites not included on that list.

Whitelist Manager is not affiliated with RAND. It was selected for this database because it fits our researchers' inclusion criteria.

Tool type
Fully operational
Intended users
General public
Tool focus
This tool is process-focused. It evaluates how information is produced and disseminated.
Method or technology
Machine learning and AI
Is the tool automated?
Founding organization
Founder/primary contact
Daniel Perez Alvarez

How is this tool working to address disinformation?

This tool fights disinformation by allowing users to easily block untrustworthy websites including disinformation spreaders. Because it can block external tracking and advertising websites, it can also help reduce microtargeting (another means of spreading fales information).

Is there a connection with tech platforms?

None found

Who is funding the tool?

Information not available

Are there external evaluations?

None found

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