Noreen Clancy

Photo of Noreen Clancy
Environmental Scientist; Senior Project Associate
Off Site Office


M.S. in environmental science and policy, The Johns Hopkins University; B.A. in criminology and law, University of Florida


Noreen Clancy has been conducting policy research and program assessments at RAND since 1998. Her prime areas of interest relate to energy and environment issues and the financial services sector, including financial decisionmaking. She recently studied the effects of Hurricane Sandy on New York City, specifically the risks of flooding as reflected in the expanded flood maps, the rising cost of flood insurance and the resilience of the city to respond to future events.

Clancy co-led a project for the U.S. Department of State evaluating the Global Methane Initiative, an international effort at reducing the greenhouse gas Methane. Regarding research on the financial services sector, she co-authored a study of hedge funds and systemic risk as well as a study commissioned by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on how investment advisers and broker dealers interact with individual investors.

Clancy contributed to a study of mark-to-market accounting procedures and whether they had an effect on the economic collapse of 2008. She has also participated in a series of behavioral finance research studies related to preparing for retirement. The studies included focus groups with investors and national household surveys to assess investors' views on saving, their understanding of basic financial information and their motivations and habits of retirement savings. Previously, she co-led a body of work for the Department of Justice that evaluated changes to the personal bankruptcy system.

Prior to joining RAND, Clancy worked at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Council on Environmental Quality.