Jennifer Rubin

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Vice President, RAND Europe
Cambridge Office


Ph.D. in social and political sciences, University of Cambridge; B.A. in European politics, Loughborough University

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Jennifer Rubin is vice president of RAND Europe and directs research on communities, safety and justice. Rubin's research and current interests include comparative analyses of levels of intolerance in Western Europe across countries and over time, developing community-level metrics for illicit market activity, measuring the effectiveness of interventions to reduce crime, evaluating drug policies and strategies, and understanding the impact of new mechanisms for funding public and community services. While at RAND Rubin has led research with and for a range of EU, British, and wider European institutions, agencies, departments, and foundations. In addition to leading research, Rubin has served as social scientific advisor to projects funded by European foundations; has been invited to contribute to Dutch, British, and US home affairs policy papers; and has contributed to TEDx events, consultations, and roundtables in the UK, US, and EU. Rubin has a Ph.D. in social and political sciences from the University of Cambridge and a first-class B.A. in European politics from Loughborough University.

Recent Projects

  • Comparative and trend analysis of ethnic, racial, and national intolerance in Europe
  • Evaluating new mechanisms for funding public and community services for reducing reoffending and drugs and alcohol misuse
  • Developing community level metrics for illicit markets
  • Evaluation of illicit drug strategy
  • Cross-national comparisons of interventions to reduce prison populations and reoffending

Selected Publications

Disley, E. Rubin, J. Scraggs, E. Burrows, N. and Culley, D.M., Lessons learned from the planning and early implementation of the Social Impact Bond at HMP Peterborough, RAND Europe (TR-1166), 2011

Cave, J. Hunt, P. Ismail, S. Levitt, R. Pacula, R. Rabinovich, L. Rubin, J. Weed, K. and Kilmer,B., Tackling problem drug use, RAND Europe (TR-795), 2010

Disley, E. Rubin, J. et al, Local authority commissioners' use of evidence in commissioning criminal justice interventions, Report commissioned by National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts, UK, RAND Europe (TR-753), 2009

Disley, E. Ling, T, Rubin, J. Wilkins, M., Tackling Violent Crime: Findings from regional workshops with 12 Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships, Report commissioned by the National Audit Office, RAND Europe (TR-698), 2009

Rubin, J. Rendall, M. van Oranje, C. Rabinovich, L. Tsang, F. and Janta, B., Migrant women in the EU labour force, Report prepared for the European Commission., RAND Europe (TR-591), 2008

Hannah, G. Clutterbuck, L. and Rubin, J., Radicalization or Rehabilitation: Understanding the challenge of extremist and radicalized prisoners, RAND Europe (TR-571), 2008

Rubin, J. Gallo, F. and Coutts, A., Violent crime: Risk models, effective interventions and risk management, Report prepared for the NAO., RAND Europe (TR-530), 2008

Rubin, Interventions to reduce anti-social behaviour and crime: A review of effectiveness and costs, RAND Europe (TR-448), 2006

Honors & Awards

  • Fellow of the RSA
  • RAND President's Award