Social Support Survey Instrument

People sometimes look to others for companionship, assistance, or other types of support. How often is each of the following kinds of support available to you if you need it? Choose one number from each line.

Emotional/informational support

Someone you can count on to listen to you when you need to talk

Someone to give you information to help you understand a situation

Someone to give you good advice about a crisis

Someone to confide in or talk to about yourself or your problems

Someone whose advice you really want

Someone to share your most private worries and fears with

Someone to turn to for suggestions about how to deal with a personal problem

Someone who understands your problems

Tangible support

Someone to help you if you were confined to bed

Someone to take you to the doctor if you needed it

Someone to prepare your meals if you were unable to do it yourself

Someone to help with daily chores if you were sick

Affectionate support

Someone who shows you love and affection

Someone to love and make you feel wanted

Someone who hugs you

Positive social interaction

Someone to have a good time with

Someone to get together with for relaxation

Someone to do something enjoyable with

Additional item

Someone to do things with to help you get your mind off things