About RAND Health

RAND Health is a major research division of the RAND Corporation, a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decisionmaking through research and analysis. Our mission is to improve health and health care around the world.


In 1969, RAND committed $25,000 to establish a Health Sciences Program at a time when policymakers were vigorously debating how health care should be financed. The first major dividend from that investment was the Health Insurance Experiment, still the largest health policy study in U.S. history. Its findings remain relevant, helping to shape approaches to today's health policy challenges.

RAND Health Today

Complex health policy questions must be tackled from multiple perspectives. We draw on the expertise of our interdisciplinary teams, who integrate their diverse skills to focus on critical health policy issues. Our staff includes more than 280 experts from more than a dozen disciplines. We attract the best in their professions—physicians, economists, psychologists, mathematicians, organizational analysts, political scientists, psychometricians, medical sociologists, policy analysts, and statisticians.

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We currently have more than 300 research studies underway, funded by Federal, state, and local governments; foundations and other non-profits; the private sector; and gifts of individual donors. In all our work, we meet exacting standards of integrity and objectivity, and all study results are published and made available to the public.

Funding Sources, FY 2014 Percentage of Total
Federal, state, and local government 64%
Non-profits and donor gifts 24%
Private sector 11%
International 1%

Our research portfolio is broad, ranging from emerging issues in population health to new challenges in health care delivery, but we focus on six key areas:

RAND Health is directed by Jeffrey Wasserman, Ph.D., a RAND vice president and a leading expert on national health security and emergency preparedness.

For more information, visit www.rand.org/health, follow us on Twitter at @RANDHealth, or contact us at RAND_Health@rand.org.