Julia Rollison

Julia Rollison

Director, Social and Behavioral Policy Program; Senior Policy Researcher


Julia Rollison (she/her) is director, Social and Behavioral Policy Program, and a senior policy researcher at RAND. Her research focuses on pressing public health issues as well as health care access and quality, with emphasis on reproductive health and the health care workforce. At RAND, she leads various program evaluations as well as evidence reviews on topics such as abortion access and policy, direct care worker supports, domestic abuse, and dementia caregiving. Recently completed work at RAND includes (1) a three-year evaluation of a support program for direct care workers in hospital settings; (2) a series of evidence reviews around mental health outcomes and treatments following sexual assault and sexual harassment; and (3) a national evaluation of CMS's Million Hearts Model.

Throughout her career, Rollison has overseen the administration of tens of thousands of web-based surveys and conducted over 40 group interviews and focus groups, as well as over 500 individual interviews with a range of stakeholder types, such as medical providers, researchers, HIV-affected youth, members of the military, and government officials. She has worked on or led contracts for a range of government agencies including AHRQ, CDC, CMS, DoD, DOT, NIH, NSF, OASH, SAMHSA, and VA as well as foundations and local organizations (e.g., school districts, health departments). She received her Ph.D. in research, measurement, and evaluation from Boston College.


Ph.D. in research, measurement and evaluation, Boston College; M.P.H. in global health, The George Washington University; B.S. in applied psychology, Ithaca College

Selected Work

  • 1.Bandini, J., Rollison, J., & Etchegaray, J., "Understanding Multi-Level Factors Related to Retention Among the Direct Care Workforce: Incorporating Lessons Learned in Considering Innovative Interventions," Journal of Healthcare Management, 69(1), 2024
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