References for RAND Europe Spotlight on 2012

Several sources were referenced in the 2012 RAND Europe annual review, as noted on pages 38 and 39. Each reference below is provided as a live link to take you to the original resource.

Identify Issues

Page 7

Feasibility Study for a European Cybercrime Centre, Neil Robinson et al., RAND, 2012

Page 9

Chief Economist Workshop: Key Macro Drivers of Change and Scenarios for the Next Ten Years, London: Government Office for Science, 2012

Foresight project page

Page 11

Smart Trash: Study on RFID Tags and the Recycling Industry, Helen Rebecca Schindler et al., RAND, 2012

Sources for Statistics

Shape Policy

Page 15

Evaluating and Measuring Progress in the Establishment of a Level Playing Field in the European Defence Equipment Market, James Gilbert et al., RAND, 2012 (unpublished)

Page 17

Impact of the Recession on Age-Management Policies, Christian van Stolk, Eurofound, 2012

Page 19

Impact and the Research Excellence Framework: New Challenges for Universities, Jonathan Grant, RAND, 2012

Sources for Statistics

Evaluate Impact

Page 23

National Evaluation of the Department of Health’s Integrated Care Pilots, RAND Europe and Ernst & Young LLP, RAND, 2012

Page 25

Assessment of Young People’s Exposure to Alcohol Marketing in Audiovisual and Online Media, Eleanor Winpenny et al., London: European Commission, September 2012

Page 27

What Works in Changing Energy-Using Behaviours in the Home? A Rapid Evidence Assessment, London: UK Department of Energy and Climate Change, 2012

Sources for Statistics

Inform Debate

Page 28

Measuring IPR Infringements in the Internal Market, Stijn Hoorens, RAND, 2012

Bringing the Electric Vehicle to the Mass Market: A Review of Barriers, Facilitators and Policy Interventions, Flavia Tsang et al., RAND, 2012

Page 29

DISMEVAL: Developing and Validating Disease Management Evaluation Methods for European Healthcare Systems, Ellen Nolte and Saba Hinrichs (eds.), RAND, 2012

Assessment of the Implementation of the EU Drugs Strategy 2005–2012 and its Action Plans, Deirdre May Culley et al., RAND, 2012

20 Years

Page 31

Twenty on Twenty, RAND, 2012

RAND Europe’s Council of Advisors