New leadership in RAND Europe Brussels and Netherlands offices

We are delighted to welcome Richard Doherty as the new director of the RAND Europe office in Brussels, and also to announce that Stijn Hoorens, former director of the Brussels office, will be the director of our new RAND Europe office in the Netherlands.

At a time when Europe is facing daunting challenges in geopolitics, competitiveness, military, climate and environment, disinformation and technology, Richard and Stijn will play key roles in supporting RAND Europe's work with a wide range of government, philanthropic and business organisations.

Richard Doherty, new director of the RAND Europe office in Brussels

Richard Doherty, new director of the RAND Europe office in Brussels

Richard Doherty will coordinate RAND Europe's activities for the European Union and other major clients across Europe.

His experience in European affairs, trans-Atlantic and pan-European cooperation include thirty-one years at Deloitte culminating in his role as the Government and Public Services leader across EMEA until 2019. Since then, he has been active as an advisor on Brexit, the EU Global Gateway, EU trade/export matters, and government strategy processes, policy research and foresight, working with organisations such as the German Marshall Fund, the European Policy Centre and the EU institutions. He holds degrees from Trinity College Dublin and the London School of Economics.

Doherty said, "RAND has had an active presence in Brussels spanning several decades. I am delighted to become Director of the RAND Europe Brussels office at a crucial moment for European policymaking. The geopolitical, economic and climate challenges facing the continent are huge – and RAND Europe will continue to contribute its world-class research and insight to assist policymakers and inform public awareness.

Later this year both the EU and NATO will have changeovers at the leadership level, and will revise and update their strategies. In the context of the momentous changes occurring around the world, our work informs politicians, government bodies, the academic world, NGOs and the broader public across Europe and beyond."

Stijn Hoorens, new director of the RAND Europe office in the Netherlands

Stijn Hoorens, new director of the RAND Europe office in the Netherlands

After leading RAND Europe's Brussels office for the past 11 years, Stijn Hoorens will lead the newly opened RAND Europe office in the Netherlands.

Hoorens is an experienced research leader, having worked at RAND Europe for more than 20 years. Before moving to Brussels, he spent several years at RAND Europe's office in Cambridge, as well as spending time in offices in the United States and the Middle East. He has led numerous studies at RAND on a range of topics, primarily focusing on issues relating to drug policy and other illicit markets, security and new technologies. In recent years, he has advised the Dutch government on cannabis policy, on national security and resilience, and on radicalisation and polarisation. He holds degrees from Delft University of Technology.

On the opening of RAND Europe's new location in the Netherlands, Hoorens said, "RAND has a long history in the Netherlands which dates back to the 1970s, and RAND's very first project in Europe was an analysis of options for a storm surge barrier across to protect the southern coast of the Netherlands. In recent years, we have quickly expanded our portfolio of studies for clients in the Netherlands in policy areas such as defence, violent extremism, illicit markets and healthcare. I sense there is a strong appetite in the Netherlands for the kind of rigorous, independent and objective research that RAND Europe is known for, and I am excited to continue RAND’s legacy in the Netherlands."