Stijn Hoorens

Stijn Hoorens
Office Director, RAND Europe Netherlands, Senior Research Leader


M.Sc. and B.Sc. in systems engineering, policy analysis, and management, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

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Stijn Hoorens (he/him) is the director of RAND's Office in the Netherlands and a senior research leader at RAND Europe. Before that he led RAND's office in Brussels for over ten years. He has extensive experience in designing and leading policy studies at RAND for a range of international clients. His research interests are broad, but most of his work has revolved around issues related to drugs policy and other illicit markets, security, and emerging technologies.

Prior to joining RAND, Hoorens held research positions at Delft University of Technology and at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). He received his M.Sc. and B.Sc. in systems engineering, policy analysis, and management from Delft University of Technology.

Selected Publications

Fook Nederveen, Emma Zürcher, Lana Eekelschot, Emma Leenders, Iris Leussink, Stijn Hoorens, Towards an evidence-based approach to tackling radicalisation and extremism (in Dutch: "Naar een evidence-based aanpak van radicalisering en extremisme"), RAND Corporation (RRA1807-1), 2022 (forthcoming)

Stijn Hoorens, Fook Nederveen, Giselle Schellekens, Douwe Hylkema, Romana Michelon, Vincent Janssen, Iris Leussink, Christian van Stolk, Robert Wester, Evaluation of the Dutch government-wide approach to Brexit (in Dutch: "Evaluatie rijksbrede Brexit-inzet van de Nederlandse overheid") , RAND Corporation, 2022 (forthcoming)

Cloé Gendronneau, Arkadiusz Wiśniowski, Dilek Yildiz, Emilio Zagheni, Lee Fiorio, Yuan Hsiao, Martin Stepanek, Ingmar Weber, Guy Abel, Stijn Hoorens, Measuring Labour Mobility and Migration Using Big Data: Exploring the potential of social-media data for measuring EU mobility flows and stocks of EU movers, RAND Corporation (RR-3045-EC), 2019

Retter, Lucia, Erik J. Frinking, Stijn Hoorens, Alice Lynch, Fook Nederveen, and William D. Phillips, Relationships between the economy and national security: Analysis and considerations for economic security policy in the Netherlands, RAND Corporation (RR-4287), 2020

Kristy Kruithof, Judith Aldridge, David Décary Hétu, Megan Sim, Elma Dujso, Stijn Hoorens, Internet-facilitated drugs trade: An analysis of the size, scope and the role of the Netherlands, RAND Corporation (RR-1607), 2016

Yerushalmi, Erez, Priscillia Hunt, Stijn Hoorens, Christophe Sauboin, and Richard Smith., ""Exploring the Use of a General Equilibrium Method to Assess the Value of a Malaria Vaccine: An Application to Ghana," MDM Policy & Practice, 4(2), 2019

Beau Kilmer and Stijn Hoorens (eds), Understanding illicit drug markets, supply-reduction efforts, and drug-related crime in the European Union, RAND (TR-755), 2010

Mafalda Pardal, Beau Kilmer, Sara d'Auria, Tamara Strabel, Silvia Galimberti, Stijn Hoorens, Tom Decorte, Ben Senator, Alternatives to profit-maximising commercial models of cannabis supply for non-medical use, RAND Corporation (RRA2190-1), 2023


Dutch; German

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Interviews: BBC Five Live; France24; Trouw; VPRO De Ochtenden

Commentary: Bureau of European Policy Advisors Monthly Bulletin; Christian Science Monitor; CNN; E!Sharp; EurActiv; European Voice