Drug Policy and Trends


RAND researchers provide objective analyses of problems and policies related to illegal drugs—including nonmedical use of prescription drugs, marijuana legalization or decriminalization, racial disparities in drug-related incarceration rates, community prevention efforts, and strategies for reducing drug-related violence in Mexico and Central America.

  • Report

    America's Opioid Ecosystem

    Patterns and consequences of opioid use are changing dramatically. Researchers provide a nuanced assessment of America's opioid ecosystem, highlighting how leveraging system interactions can reduce addiction, overdose, suffering, and other harms.

    Mar 16, 2023

  • News Release

    Frequent Alcohol Testing Combined with Swift and Certain Sanctions Is Associated with Lower Death Rates

    A statewide alcohol-monitoring program that requires people arrested for drunk driving and other alcohol-involved offenses to be tested frequently for alcohol use can reduce the likelihood that participants die for several years after their involvement with the program.

    Feb 28, 2023

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