Drug Policy and Trends


RAND researchers provide objective analyses of problems and policies related to illegal drugs—including nonmedical use of prescription drugs, marijuana legalization or decriminalization, racial disparities in drug-related incarceration rates, community prevention efforts, and strategies for reducing drug-related violence in Mexico and Central America.

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    America's Opioid Ecosystem

    Patterns and consequences of opioid use are changing dramatically. Researchers provide a nuanced assessment of America's opioid ecosystem, highlighting how leveraging system interactions can reduce addiction, overdose, suffering, and other harms.

    Mar 16, 2023

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    The Varied Supply Models for Recreational Cannabis

    The supply and possession of cannabis for non-medical use is legal in multiple jurisdictions around the globe, with some U.S. states and Canadian provinces allowing for-profit companies to produce and sell cannabis. What are potential options that step away from prohibition without allowing a profit-oriented market to emerge?

    Nov 1, 2023

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