RAND American Life Panel

RAND American Life Panel

The RAND American Life Panel (ALP) is a nationally representative, probability-based panel of more than 5,000 participants who are regularly interviewed over the internet. Researchers can use the ALP to field their own surveys quickly and efficiently. Access to data from more than 500 ALP studies, fielded since 2003, is free.

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A large group of diverse people standing together

A Source of Longitudinal, Reliable Data

  • ⬆70-80%

    High survey completion rates

  • ⬇6-13%

    Low annual attrition rates

  • The ALP is longitudinal and responses can be tracked over time

Run a Survey with the ALP

Researchers can run a survey with the ALP quickly, easily, and affordably. Our team helps you customize your survey to fit your needs — from short and simple to complex routing, interactive graphs, or videos. You can target your sample to a specific age range or income, or by how participants responded to a specific question in another survey. Surveys can be fielded in English and in Spanish. Additionally, we have a unique personal relationship module that allows researchers to map panel participants' social networks.

Contact us at alp@rand.org to discuss which of our services are best for your needs.

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How Researchers Are Using the ALP

More than 100 research papers have been published using ALP data.

American Life Numbers

59% of workers who took a vacation reported working for part of it.

44% of adults would not be comfortable letting their sons play football.