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Thank you for your interest in the Indonesian Family Life Surveys (IFLS). Please register to access the IFLS Public Use Data. After submitting the registration form, you will be sent an email with details on how to access the data.

Please note, IFLS Restricted Use Data, which consists of community coordinates and BPS desa codes, must be applied for separately. Review the requirements and apply for IFLS Restricted Use Data [PDF].

Existing Public Use Data Users: Our registration process has changed. Please complete the one-time registration process to restore access to the data.

To obtain access to the IFLS Public Use Data, the user agrees to the following conditions:

  • You will make no attempt whatsoever to determine the identity of any individual, household, family, service provider, or community other than in terms of the anonymous codes used in the IFLS Public Use Data. You agree to respect the anonymity of all our respondents.
  • You will not distribute the IFLS Public Use Data files to others. If you plan to work with other people using these data, you will ask them to register or register them yourself. If you are a data librarian, you will ask users to register if they obtain a copy of the data from you.
  • You will email us at the citations for any published papers, articles, books, working papers, dissertations, or other publications based on the IFLS data, providing a URL to the published paper.
  • You will acknowledge the IFLS as the source of the data for analysis in all reports and publications based on these data. Desired citations for each wave are found on the IFLS data download page.

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