Comprehensive Assessment of Reform Efforts (COMPARE)

COMPARE Microsimulation Model


COMPARE is a microsimulation model that predicts the effects of health policy changes at national and state levels. The model takes a synthetic data set with information on a nationally representative sample of individuals and their employers and predicts how they will react under different policy scenarios. Our model has been used extensively since the inception of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) to estimate the effects of health reform on key outcomes, including the number of people with health coverage, the number of people who will buy coverage through the new insurance exchanges, the number of firms that will offer coverage, and government spending. This page is intended to provide information to policymakers, researchers, and other individuals who are interested in contacting the COMPARE team or using the model to estimate the effects of policy changes.

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The COMPARE microsimulation model is available for use through contract with RAND by state governments, the federal government, or those studying health insurance reforms.

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