Steps 7–9 Use Process and Outcome Evaluation Results to Improve or Reconsider the SAPA You Have Evaluated

Steps 7–9 help you analyze and document your evaluation results and make changes suggested by the results to improve the SAPA you evaluated.


  • Steps 7 and 8 are important because without evidence from systematic evaluation of implementation quality and outcomes you will be uninformed about the results you are producing and how to make them better.
  • Step 9, Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI), is important because:
    • CQI takes advantage of what you have learned over time from your combined evaluations to improve your SAPA for the future without starting over.
    • It puts the investment made in evaluation to work by using the results to make changes and understand their effects as you continue to implement your SAPA.
    • It helps all staff to keep your SAPA fresh and a good fit for your participants, your organization, and your community.


Key Points

  • Process evaluation (which targets implementation quality) and outcome evaluation (which targets effectiveness) go together because:
    1. Poor implementation results could explain poor outcomes.
    2. Good implementation results with poor outcomes might indicate the need to change the SAPA.
  • The entire purpose of evaluation is to inform decisionmaking about how to improve a SAPA, maintain its effectiveness going forward, or change the SAPA when results show that it is not effective.
  • GTO Steps 7–9 align with the continuous evaluation step in the PPoA prevention process.

Complete the Evaluation Summary and CQI Review Worksheet

Download and complete the Evaluation Summary and CQI Review Worksheet.

Linking GTO Steps

  • In GTO Step 6, you planned an evaluation of your SAPA, and in Steps 7–9, you use the results so that you can make important decisions going forward.
  • In many cases, you will carry on after deciding that your SAPA has been effective or needs only slight tweaking to make it better (GTO Step 10).
  • In some cases, you might decide to adjust your goals and desired outcomes (GTO Step 2); in others, you might want to use a different SAPA (GTO Step 3) or different evaluation measures (GTO Step 6); and in a few cases, you might decide to focus on a different priority problem (GTO Step 1).

GTO Resources for Steps 7–9