Step 6 Plan SAPA Implementation and Evaluation

GTO Step 6 is the step in which you finalize your SAPA Overview and make a detailed implementation and evaluation work plan, including a timeline.


  • Having a detailed work plan for implementing and evaluating your SAPA
    • ensures that no key SAPA-related tasks are left out
    • improves teamwork and partner communication
    • identifies the need for changes as things run counter to the plan
    • reduces lost time, wasted energy, and turmoil from turnover
    • explains the scope of the prevention activity to people with an interest in it and produces documentation useful to transition SAPA responsibilities to new individuals.


  • To plan your implementation, think through and make a detailed work plan by writing down all the tasks involved, such as administrative tasks; polices, procedures, and permissions; preparation (such as staff training and recruiting participants); and the location and specifics of the schedule for doing the SAPA. See the example SAPA Overview below.

Key Points

  • Evaluation is perhaps the most challenging aspect of a SAPA. Good evaluation starts with a good plan before implementation begins. Draw on the resources linked in this step for help with evaluation.
  • Process evaluation tracks the quality of prevention activity implementation, while outcome evaluation tracks change in the population participating in the prevention activity. The longer GTO guide has two tools—Prevention Activity Process Evaluation Planner tool and the Prevention Activity Outcome Evaluation Planner tool —that could help you complete this step. You can download a .zip file that contains all of the tools.
  • With your SAPA Overview completed, this is an important step at which to engage leadership for support.
  • GTO Step 6 aligns with "execute and evaluate the comprehensive approach" outlined in the PPoA prevention process.

Finalize SAPA Overview

In the SAPA Overview Worksheet (.docx), review all sections to ensure that they are final, and add your evaluation measures in columns 5 and 6.

Example SAPA Overview Worksheet filled out for the Green Dot program

An example of the SAPA Overview worksheet

Linking GTO Steps

  • Having a detailed plan lays the foundation for actual implementation and use of evaluation results to improve and sustain your SAPASteps 7 through 10.
  • Your process and outcome evaluation measures fill in the last two columns of your SAPA Overview in Step 6.

GTO Step 6 Resources