RAND Europe Spotlight: 2019-2020

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Spotlight 2019-2020

In these volatile and uncertain times, evidence-based insights are more crucial than ever to inform complex decisions, ensure scarce resources are used most effectively, and maximise payback from investments.

Spotlight 2019–2020 highlights some examples of our work, including defining possible directions for education and youth policy in the EU, analysing strategies to improve social media literacy in the age of disinformation, mapping the European defence skills landscape, and quantifying the wider societal costs of disease.

References for Spotlight 2019-2020

Collective responsibility: How to raise more money for health and social care

Beyond Brexit: Understanding the effect of further economic uncertainty

Staying ahead of defence challenges

Understanding the impact of emerging technology

Humans vs algorithms in the disinformation arena

Bump it up: Why more pregnancy research is needed

Sharing practices that help families

Keeping London moving

Homing in on damp dwellings

New directions: The future of EU education & youth policies

Looking deeper: Exploring the societal impact of disease

Move it! How increasing physical activity can boost global productivity

Research assessment 2028

Tackling defence sector skills gaps

Whole-system innovation for improved healthcare