PAF Fellows Program

Since 1952, the PAF Fellows Program has brought a select group of officers and their civilian counterparts to participate in PAF research projects. Major General Donald L. Putt, wrote that "the assignment of four or five properly qualified officers would provide the RAND scientific staff with continuous liaison with professional military training and experience, and a better opportunity to integrate applicable military operational concepts into RAND's systems analyses."

The first officer arrived in 1952, and Department of Air Force representation has continued uninterrupted ever since. In recent times, PAF has hosted active-duty military and civilian fellows from the USAF and USSF in a variety of programs, including Senior Developmental Education, Intermediate Developmental Education, Legislative Fellows and Education With Industry Fellows. Selection is made entirely by Air University.


Brien Alkire manages the PAF Fellows program at RAND. He can be reached at (310) 393-0411, x6050