References for RAND Europe Spotlight on 2018

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Spotlight on 2018-19

This year’s Spotlight highlights a selection of research studies, initiatives and developing areas of expertise that demonstrate how collaborations can enrich our work across Europe. RAND Europe’s mission lies behind our refreshed values, also featured in Spotlight. These values describe the essence of the organisation and guide our work and activities.

The 2018-19 RAND Europe annual review references several sources, as noted on page 45. Each reference below is provided as a live link to take you to the original project page or resource.

  • Have the British people’s preferences on Brexit changed 14 months on?

  • Social media in Africa

  • Ammonia: Why the big stink?

  • EPIC ways to tackle childhood deprivation

  • Focusing on education

  • Expanding horizons for researchers

  • Kicking off: Preventing violence in 2022

  • The cost of terrorism in Europe

  • Research Excellence Framework

  • European defence matters

  • Collaborating to improve healthcare

  • Creating the new Silk Road

  • Incentives to exercise

  • Our values

  • Deepening our expertise: Centre for Futures and Foresight Studies