Paul G. Shekelle

paul shekelle, paul shekelle
Codirector, Southern California Evidence-Based Practice Center, RAND Corporation
Santa Monica Office


Ph.D., UCLA School of Public Health; M.D., Duke University; M.P.H., University of California, Los Angeles; B.S. in chemistry and biology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Paul G. Shekelle has served as codirector of the Southern California Evidence-based Practice Center (EPC) for the RAND Corporation since 1997, is a staff physician at the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and is a professor of medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Medicine. He is widely recognized in the field of guidelines, quality measurement, and evidence-based medicine. He is a past chair of the Clinical Guidelines Committee of the American College of Physicians (ACP). Dr. Shekelle earned his M.D. from Duke University and his Ph.D. from UCLA.

Concurrent Non-RAND Positions

Chief of General Internal Medicine, Veterans Affairs West Los Angeles

Recent Projects

  • Diagnosis and Management of Gout
  • When is Quality Improvement Cost Saving, Cost Effective, or Not a Good Value?
  • Patient Safety Practices in Ambulatory Settings
  • Treatment of Primary and Secondary Osteoarthritis of the Knee
  • Dissemination of Evidence-Based Medicine in Autism

Selected Publications

Hempel S, Shekelle PG, Liu JL, Sherwood Danz M, Foy R, Lim YW, Motala A, Rubenstein LV, "Development of the Quality Improvement Minimum Quality Criteria Set (QI-MQCS): a tool for critical appraisal of quality improvement intervention publications," BMJ Qual Saf., 2015

Goldzweig CL, Orshansky G, Paige NM, Miake-Lye IM, Beroes JM, Ewing BA, Shekelle PG, "Electronic health record-based interventions for improving appropriate diagnostic imaging: a systematic review and meta-analysis," Ann Intern Med, 2015

de Kleijn MJ, Farmer MM, Booth M, Motala A, Smith A, Sherman S, Assendelft WJ, Shekelle P., "Systematic review of school-based interventions to prevent smoking for girls," Syst Rev, 2015

Hempel S, Maggard-Gibbons M, Nguyen DK, Dawes AJ, Miake-Lye I, Beroes JM, Booth MJ, Miles JN, Shanman R, Shekelle PG, "Wrong-Site Surgery, Retained Surgical Items, and Surgical Fires : A Systematic Review of Surgical Never Events," JAMA Surg, 2015

Maggard-Gibbons M, Maglione M, Livhits M, Ewing B, Maher AR, Hu J, Li Z, Shekelle PG, "Bariatric surgery for weight loss and glycemic control in nonmorbidly obese adults with diabetes: a systematic review," JAMA, 309(21):2250-2261, 2013

Wachter RM, Pronovost P, Shekelle P., "Strategies to improve patient safety: the evidence base matures," Ann Intern Med, 158(5 Pt 1):350-352, 2013

Hempel, S., Newberry, S., Maher, A., Wang, Z., Miles, J., Shanman, R., Johnsen, B. & Shekelle, P., "Probiotics for the prevention and treatment of antibiotic-associated diarrhea: A systematic review and meta-analysis," JAMA, 307(18):1959-1969, 2012

Schneider-Chafen, J., S, Newbery, M. Riedl, D. Bravata, M. Maglione, M. Suttorp, V. Sundaram, N. Paige, A. Towfigh, B. Hulley, P.G Shekelle, "Diagnosing and Managing Common Food Allergies: A Systematic Review.," JAMA, 303(18):1848-1856, 2010

Honors & Awards

  • 2011 Under Secretary's Award in Health Services Research, Veterans Affairs

Recent Media Appearances

Interviews: Los Angeles Times; Reuters Health; Scripps Howard News Service; Time Magazine; USA Today; Wall Street Journal

Commentary: British Medical Journal; Journal of Health Services Research and Policy; Lancet; New England Journal of Medicine