Survey Panels

Survey panels to address today’s public policy challenges

Meeting today’s critical public policy challenges requires high-quality data about people. Run surveys with our panels to get the data you need from nationally representative samples of key populations.

The Panels

Currently RAND operates six survey panels whose members complete surveys on issues critical to policymakers, public officials, and researchers. Led by a diverse, experienced team of researchers and methodologists, each panel uses high quality recruitment and statistical methods so you can have confidence that the survey results represent the population of interest.

About RAND Survey Panels

RAND’s survey panel team consists of more than 20 staff. The team includes Ph.D. statisticians, data scientists, demographers, policy researchers, programmers, and survey managers.

We field over 25 surveys per year on a wide variety of topics, ranging from math instruction, public health campaigns, misinformation on the internet, to retirement planning.

Because RAND’s mission is to inform public policy, we post our research for free. To promote others’ research, we also post downloadable, free de-identified survey data files and our survey questionnaires.

Contact Us

Have a question about RAND survey panels? Reach out to the survey panels team by filling out the form below, or email one of us directly.