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RAND offers free access to data for most of our completed surveys. To find which surveys have data files for download or via data visualization, browse our collection of surveys.

Data Files

The AEP Data Portal offers free micro-level data files for many AEP surveys. Free data files include limited demographic information/school characteristics but do not include geographic identifiers. In addition, they may have suppressed items to protect participant confidentiality. The files are downloadable and accompanied by a codebook, technical documentation, and survey questionnaire.

Restricted data files that include suppressed items are available upon application and approval at a base cost of $2,000 per file, depending on the complexity of the request. The online application to request restricted data is available through the Data Portal.

Registration is required to access both free and restricted data through the AEP Data Portal.

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Data Visualizations

RAND has partnered with Kitamba to provide free online access to Bento, a data visualization tool for select AEP surveys. Bento allows users to filter and segment survey results by school characteristics or educator background, compare data to state and national averages, and export visualizations for reports. Free registration is required to access Bento.

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Additionally, RAND has created interactive data tables to view results from each American School District Panel survey. Color-coded charts display survey results for respondents by district type, locale, student racial and ethnicity composition, and district poverty level.

Interact with American School District Panel survey results

Which Data Tool Fits Your Needs?

AEP Data Portal Bento
Free to use yes yes
Response data shown in visualizations (charts and graphs) no yes
Datasets available for download yes no
Combine charts from multiple AEP surveys to create data stories no yes
Filter and crosstab using online data visualization platform no yes
Import data to statistical analysis platform to conduct analyses yes no
Designed for data analysts yes no
Designed for researchers yes yes
Designed for policymakers and practitioners no yes

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Interested in learning more about how to access AEP data, want to learn more about restricted AEP Data Portal files, or having trouble finding something? Contact the AEP team for assistance using this form or the email address below.

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