Step 3: Prepare

Mental health clinic staff collaborate to discuss preparing to implement COD care
Mental health clinic staff collaborate to discuss preparing to implement COD care

Step 3 Prepare

Make sure your clinic is ready for COD pharmacotherapy and supportive care.


Get your clinic ready

You’ve developed a vision, created a plan to make it a reality, and inspired the rest of your staff to do the same.

Now, you’ll need to gather all of the necessary resources and assign members of your Treatment Team to bring your COD workflow to life.

Some members of your staff may be a natural fit, ready to jump right into their COD care roles. Others may need additional training.

Your clinic will likely have the resources needed to launch—many of which are included in the Toolkit Resources page—but there may be others you need to access elsewhere.

When will my clinic be ready to launch?

Your clinic will be considered ready when it has the infrastructure needed to implement all elements of the COD workflow(s).

The worksheets in this step can help you identify and confirm that you have both the necessary resources and personnel in place.


  • Collect all of the resources necessary to make COD care work at your clinic
  • Assign staff to each workflow element
  • Train staff on workflow components relevant to their roles and responsibilities


  • Clinic Leadership
  • Treatment Team

What you'll need


Action Steps

Prepare clinic resources

What to do

  • Use the Assess Resources Worksheets to indicate and confirm whether your clinic has the appropriate resources to implement COD-alcohol and/or COD-opioid care and document relevant information.

    For available resources:

    • Describe what the resource consists of
    • Identify where the resource can be accessed (in the clinic-specific workflow procedures document, in the electronic medical record, in the onsite pharmacy, etc.)
    • Document when the resource was obtained or confirmed

    For unavailable resources:

    • Describe the steps necessary to develop, adapt, or obtain the resource
    • Determine by when you will develop, adapt, or obtain the resource
    • Identify where the resource will eventually be accessed
  • Or

    Document why the resource is not needed or cannot be obtained.

Prepare clinic staff

What to do

  • Use the Assign Staff Worksheet to identify which members of your staff will be responsible for each task within the COD-alcohol or COD-opioid Care Workflow.
  • Use the Assess Training Needs Worksheet to determine which members of your staff need training

    • Facts about COD care
      Staff are aware of and well-versed on co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders.
    • Workflow for COD care
      Staff understand the overall COD-alcohol and/or COD-opioid workflow(s) at your clinic, and where they fit into the mix.
    • Training for COD Care Workflow–related tasks
      Staff understand how to perform tasks assigned to them throughout the COD-alcohol and/or COD-opioid Workflow(s).


Use these worksheets to determine which resources you’re missing at your clinic. You might be able to find some of the resources you need on the Toolkit Resources page.