RAND Space Enterprise Initiative

The Space Enterprise Initiative is a new one-stop shop for space research and related activities across RAND.

The sun sets behind Space Launch Complex 2 at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California

Space Launch Complex 2 at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California

Photo by Bill Ingalls/NASA

Focus Areas

The initiative builds on long-standing RAND relationships across the national and international space domains to marshal the broad perspectives necessary for optimizing the exercise of space power.

Space Policy and Strategy
The initiative offers U.S. space policy sponsors unmatched synergies by connecting the results of space policy research done for a wide spectrum of U.S. agencies, including the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Staff, the Intelligence Community, the Space Force, and USSPACECOM. RAND's research spans the work of these and other U.S. agencies. The initiative links, informs, and reinforces projects of mutual interest.
Space Operations
The initiative offers uniquely high value to sponsors seeking assistance with space operations, given the RAND operations research already being performed for U.S. military services and RAND's ability to spot the linkages between service operations and space operations, even when the topic of a service project is not directly related to space.
Space Capabilities and Resources
RAND's extensive engineering expertise drives capability and resource decisions across numerous U.S. and allied defense agencies. By serving as a hub for research on space capabilities and resources, with expertise emanating from all programs across RAND, the initiative offers sponsors greater insights than those that could be obtained by relying on any single research division.
Space Allies and Partners
Drawing on its international reach and experience, RAND provides valuable insights and recommendations to national security sponsors around the world. The RAND Space Enterprise Initiative provides an additional means for sponsors to collaborate with global allies and partners to create mutually beneficial relationships and opportunities in space.

The War in Ukraine: Lessons for the Space Domain

Bruce McClintock, Space Enterprise Initiative lead, joined experts from MITRE and the Aerospace Corporation to examine lessons for the space domain from Russia's invasion of Ukraine. This panel is from the West Coast Aerospace Forum held in December 2022.

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