About RAND Education and Labor

Communities across the nation and the world are striving to improve access to quality education, workforce preparation, and meaningful economic opportunities. RAND Education and Labor supports these efforts by helping policymakers and practitioners recognize challenges and by designing policies, programs, and practices that can further the goal of ensuring that everyone is able to contribute to the development of a knowledgeable and productive society.

Our research and analysis helps policymakers, educators, employers, and employees understand the challenges and choices they face in today’s quickly evolving education, labor market, and financial arenas.

RAND Education and Labor draws on the expertise of more than 200 staff from across RAND, including economists, behavioral scientists, organizational analysts, political scientists, psychometricians, sociologists, demographers, policy analysts, and statisticians. We use the best available analytical tools and methods to evaluate existing policies and programs and recommend new ones. Our research sponsors include government agencies, foundations, and private-sector organizations. We disseminate our research findings as widely as possible to benefit the public good.

We focus on issues that are vital to today’s school-to-work pipeline. Our work covers concerns, programs, and policies related to the following areas: