Christopher Joseph Doss

Christopher Joseph Doss
Policy Researcher


Ph.D. in economics of education, Stanford University; M.A. in economics, Stanford University; M.Ed. in teaching at the secondary level, Harvard University; B.S. in chemistry, Brown University


Christopher Doss (he/him/his) is a quantitative researcher at RAND who specializes in fielding causal and descriptive studies in education. His research interests are broad and have focused on early childhood education policies, educational technologies, STEM education, alternative teacher and principal preparation programs, and post-secondary workforce success. He is currently leading a study to understand the effects of an SEL program in pre-K, leading a study seeking to integrate computational thinking into Head Start classrooms, co-leading a study looking at micro-credentials as a way to train high school teachers to teach STEM pathway courses, and continues to co-led studies on how text-messaging technology can help parents support the academic growth of their children at home. 

Though he is broadly interested in early childhood education, educational technologies, STEM education,  educator training, and the intersection of the aforeenioned topics, he is also interested in answering questions at all levels of education through rigorous quantitative research.

Prior to entering research, Doss was a high school physics teacher and school leader. His experiences in schools provide a unique perspective that continues to inform his current work. Doss received his Ph.D. in economics of education from Stanford University.

Selected Publications

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